Abstract Art

Bryce Canyonacrylic painted paper collage12 x 12
Sweet Dreamsmixed media hand-painted papers and acrylic on canvas12 x 12
Raging SpringAcrylic pour24 x 18

Hatchlingacrylic18x24Hatchling was inspired by the Virginia Bluebird Trail that I care for in spring and summer. Bluebirds were once as common as robins, but due to habitat loss and predation, their extinction seemed imminent. Concerned citizens built nest boxes to shelter the birds from predators and provide safe habitats. Bluebirds are now thriving once again. I love seeing the nests evolve in early spring, followed by the delicate eggs, and finally the precious hatchlings emerge. It's always miraculous to witness this life cycle.

Pillow talkacrylic18x24
Zen TangoAcrylic20x24
Coral ReefAcrylic Pour on Canvas11x17SOLDThe coral reef is a fragile, living universe all its own. Climate change and human intervention are eroding this beautiful scarce landscape. This painting reminds us to hang on to what we have, before it's too late. $95 Contact me at artsales@earthatelier.org

It's A TripAcyrlic Pour on Canvas11x17Did you miss Woodstock? Here's your chance to Experience!$95 Contact me at artsales@earthatelier.org
Big BangAcrylic Pour on Canvas11x17This acrylic pour explodes with excitement. The intersection of earth, wind, water, sky, and even a little fire, creates the feeling of new beginnings and endless possibilities.$95 Contact me at artsales@earthatelier.org
Starry NightAcrylic 11x14
Nectar GuidesMixed Media24x24